Friday, 3 February 2012

Music Wall

I was inspired after reading several posts from Jenny from ( discussing music and sharing beautiful images of music walls that were so simple yet so creative and inviting.

A quick visit to Resource Rescue and I returned to the service with metal cans, lids, rope and drum sticks. I showed the children the images of music wall and we discussed where the best position in our yard would be to construct one.

We then set about hammering holes in the tins and threading the rope through and securing the tins to the fence.  The children noticed a frying pan in one of the photos so we gathered up ours from the sandpit and a metal jug along with bells.

It was a very popular play station throughout the year.  When the wind blew the tins would rattle and often re-engage the children.

This was a very simple, and inexpensive way to extend on the children's musical interests and creativity.

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