Thursday, 7 June 2012

Prepare for international mud day

Our mud pit has always been popular with the children, but last week was the busiest I have seen it since we celebrated International Mud Day last June.  

Bella got the ball rolling - continuing play from the previous week, pretending to be stuck in the mud.   Shortly after play began a quick slip and Bella was on her bottom in a puddle of mud.  "I'm Peppa Pig taking a mud bath", she roared with laughter and began rubbing large handfuls of mud into her clothes.  Several children came over to watch and Bella asked them to get some more water for her bath.

Children asked to make mud pies, so scoops, containers, pots, pans and an oven made from a plank of wood and two buckets were added.

I noticed that some children were watching, turning down invitations to join the play so seating was added. 


  1. Fabulous to see the joy on the faces of those lucky children. Reminds me of my own childhood on the farm and all the spontaneous muddy play we did. You are doing such a wonderful job Dani.

  2. Thanks Lynne, The children have been learning through play in the mud pit again this week and having so much fun. It's really interesting to hear how excited the parents are

  3. Via Facebook :Melissa Wings: Love this Dani just beautiful - really expresses how the mind of a child works. Your centre & passion are inspirational