Friday, 15 July 2011

Celebrating International Mud Day

Wednesday June 29th 2011 the inaugural International Mud Day.

Over the last few months the children attending our service have been exposed to, and thrive in, creative play in our mud pit.  We have seen pirates digging for treasure, farmers looking for their animals, construction workers building dams, roads and houses - so we didn't think twice about joining in and celebrating International Mud Day.
 Mud painting on our perspex fence using brushes, rollers and our hands.
The children enjoyed throwing mud balls at the fence  and watching the mud slide down the wall
Native plants were planted around
our hill slide
 Worms were discovered as we planted veggies

 The real 'fun' was happening in the mud pit


  1. What wonderful experiences the children must have had - and I bet the ECE's had a bit of fun too! Great pics.

  2. Now this is what I call an inspiring play space - mud, glorious mud! It's so nice to see children being encouraged to explore messy/dirty play and I think it is exactly what young children need.

    I see many sterile and boring playgrounds in my work - deserts of artificial turf, with nothing but fixed commercial playground equipment and plastic toys. Where's the fun or challenge for a child in that? Your mud pit is wonderful - great work!

  3. Thanks Alec, I really appreciate your comments. We love our very natural environment, the children and educators are so inspired to play and/or just connect with nature. We always run an indoor outdoor program where children can choose where they play and we often find all children are exploring the outdoor environment and really engaged in play. It makes going to work in the morning easy. I will post some images of our full playground so you can see what we have designed.