Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Playing with light

Last week, I.M. and a group of children designed and constructed a power station out of blocks, wool, tape and imagination. During the construction, staff overheard the children discussing properties of electricity, dangers and how it can be used.

This week, we have added an overhead projector to the program to extend on this interest of 'power, lights and electricity'.

 At first the children focused on the light plate, not seeming to understand that what they were placing on the plate was projected onto the wall

 Once they realised the play changed dramatically and they started to develop patterns, shapes and discussing sizes.  D.M. noticed that if he placed on object on the left of the screen it would be projected to the right of the wall.

Then the shadow play began with arms, legs and fingers

 Today we added some natural materials to the screen which, when projected looked like spiders.
I am interested to see where and how the children will evolve this play area.  We have had many wonderful in depth conversations about light and electricity as well as shadows, size and shape.

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  1. What a wonderful experience Dani - loved being able to share in it for a few minutes!Lucky lucky children!