Wednesday, 17 August 2011

A bare foot Blog

I have just finished reading an article on the importance of allowing children (particularly infants) the opportunity to explore their environment bare foot.  Not only does it stimulate the senses and overall development of the child, but reconnects children to their world, lowering stress and anxiety, hyperactivity and helps to 'centre' children.   I was forced to reflect on the opportunities we provide for the children (and educators) in our early learning centre.

What better way to reflect then through photography?????

 Barefoot play is not only limited to the children but Early Years Professionals also.  Children are guided and encouraged to make 'safe' choices about where they walk while bare foot however ultimately the choice is theirs and we see it as an opportunity for the child to use ones initiative, learn and grow from the choice they have made.  Children are encouraged to clean their own feet and place shoes and socks on before leaving.  Access to buckets of clean soapy water, brushes and washers is always made available so the children can practice Independence skills.

* Note the only 'limit' we set for bare foot play is on cold, wet  or wintery days.  On these days children are encouraged to make a choice that will keep them warm and safe.


  1. I have very fond memories of the second to last photograph. During muddy play gumboots began filling with mud and getting stuck. Rather than panic, the child asked if she could take her boots off because " Then I can really feel the squishy mud"

  2. It sounds like we do exactly the same at our preschool as you do at yours. I'm all for kids being barefoot if that is what they want to be - and you are right that it is a learning experience for them (putting shoes on when there are bindiis about for example).

  3. Great photos!

    I would love to know what article you read.

  4. We're a barefoot family (at least when the weather allows). I don't think my girls have ever spent much time in our sandbox with their shoes on. They have a blast playing without shoes in our backyard and I do get the sense at times that it does tend to relax them.

  5. Barefeet are such an important part of childhood!! Not much better than squishing mud between your toes. :-) Bethe @balmeras