Monday, 12 September 2011

"From little things big thing grow........"

Ok, I know I'm being very keen posting twice in one evening, but we had so many exciting experiences occur during our program today - I just had to share.

It started out small. 3 boys playing in the sandpit, building on play from the last few weeks,
rolling and smoothing the sand to make a road.
"It has to be really really flat" said R as he directed A (child with shovel) to fill the small holes left in the sand. As A smoothed the bumps he had an idea " I fink (sic) our road needs a dam, a big dam wif (sic) water".
RI returned with one of our "loose parts" containers full of water and tipped it into the hole,
"hey the sand is thirsty, the water has all gone".

We discussed how we could keep the water in the dam, and after much discussion an educator suggested - maybe using a plastic bag? "Nah, that will make the water sick" said RI "plastic is not good for the water".  So Educator and In and J looked in our loose parts area, where we found some tarps. By now other children had joined the experience, and we decided the pond needed to be larger. With so many differing opinions, it was difficult to make a decision about how big and deep the hole needed to be. A few children moved off to dig their own holes
and eventually returned to help the group. We placed the tarp in the hole and placed
rocks around to secure the space.

More children joined in, and the large group worked together to fill the hole with water.

M and B decided that the pond needed ducks and chickens to swim in it, and went inside to the open collage area and made animals out of containers, and floated them on the water.

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  1. Such a rich learning experience, teamwork and creative ideas by everyone involved!