Tuesday, 13 September 2011

The great outdoors

Liz and I worked incredibly hard designing the playground that would suit the philosophy of the service, the needs of educators, families and children, while still meeting all regulations.

The following images are of the playground when it was completed in early Feb 2011.  We are still aiming for a larger planted area of lush green, and a natural shade space over the sandpit.  There are so many areas of the playground that I love, the mud pit, dry creek bed, veggie patch - but by far the most enjoyable is the grassy hill.  There is nothing better than sitting on top of the hill with the children and having snack, singing, reading or watching the clouds roll in over the nearby hills and discussing the weather, or watching the native Kookaburra in the tree.
Our Mud patch

This space has been used as a book area, home corner, block area, office
Sandpit, dry creek bed and frog pond

We sank the slide into the hill and have a fantastic texture fence
which has various natural fibers in sections

The fence also has a large piece of perspex for painting, shaving cream and mud play

Hi-lo logs and seats along with our vertical garden

The path winds its way through the playground, we used different stone types
to add colour and texture to the experience


  1. I love your outdoor space - the sandpit, creek bed and pond area has me green with envy. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us.

  2. Thanks Jenny, that's an absolute honour coming from you. WE love our playspace and I often have to pinch myself that my vision has become a reality. It makes going to work much more enjoyable

  3. Wow, you have worked hard and it looks amazing! Wel done guys!

  4. Fabulous! Good for you, for making your dream a realiity! Your space is absolutely gorgeous! I love how the slide is built into the lawn, and I'm in love with your the fence!! The plexiglass section is brilliant! Not only does it provide an awesome canvas for little artists, but a view of the big world outside, as well! Congratulations! It's awesome!

  5. So interesting to see how it was at the start of the year and how the spaces have grown and changed as the months rolled on. It has a much-used look now that is wonderful as it illustrates all the wonderful play and learning that has gone on during the year. I am so lucky i can pop in and out, be inspired and keep in touch with my roots in early childhood!