Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Exploring with real tools

A small group of 3year old children were using the toy tool set while outside today.  There was a great deal of hammering occurring and 'fixing' the fence and chairs.  As I observed the children working together I reflected on how I could extend this interest further and quickly began setting up an area with real hammers, nails, clamps and tool belts.  I must admit I did consider that the experience may be a little to advanced for the children, but I had the luxury of having a father helping us today and knew that would allow time so we would be able to support the children and role model how to use the equipment so they achieved success with what ever they felt like creating.

 The tool belts were very popular and children quickly began filing them with treasures to hammer into the wood.
 Protecting little fingers: a peg works wonders to secure the nail in place before the children begin to hammer.

 The most exciting aspect of the experience for the educators wasn't it's popularity or even the fact that the children persisted with the experience even when they faced difficulties, it was observing children who are often shy or withdrawn in group situations suddenly take a lead role and demonstrate to peers how to hold the nails and hammer them into the wood.

My shopping journey tomorrow will include a visit to local factories hoping for donations of off cut wood (minus the chemicals) and to resource rescue to find some more treasures for the children to hammer into their creations.

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