Sunday, 21 April 2013

Introducing technology to children

Extending on from Ethan's interest in repairing technology from last term, we added an old computer and set top box to the early learning centre along with spanners and screw drivers.

The children were quick to show interest and set about supporting each others (and my) learning, working together to gain the correct size and shape screw driver to get the cases off.

Lachy used his creativity and decided that the set top box was a robot "see that's it's arms" he said pointing to the small screwdrivers he had placed in the inlets.

Ethan explained to the children how the on off button works and followed the wires through the machine
Amelia wanted to dust the inside of the computer and quickly returned with some dry paint brushes setting about cleaning the inside.

Ned was interested in the cooling fans, asking how they got so small and what made them work.  Ethan quickly pointed to the wires explaining that it needed power to spin.

Lachy used the fan later to nail it to one of his wooden creations.

Jack asked Dani for some help to stick certain parts of the computer together. He explained "I'm making at the movies, you know when you have to sit down and be quiet and the light shines through here and goes onto the screen" (projector)  He decided that sticky tape would do the trick and returned from the collage table with tape and proceeded to stick his projector together " see it's making the picture here look at the door can you see the dinosaur movie?"

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